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Push the frontiers of user-owned AI

Satori Testnet liberates data from walled gardens to enable user-owned AI. Get in early by creating a data liquidity pool or running a validator.

Create a Data Liquidity Pool (DLP)
Creating a DLP is the best way for highly motivated builders to get involved and rewarded. It takes a few hours to deploy a template, and 1-2 days to modify the template for your chosen data source.

This is an advanced and competitive process, as there are only 16 DLP slots on the network. Builders are already working on DLPs for data from Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and ChatGPT.
Create your own pool
Run a Validator
Earn rewards as a validator by running proof of contribution, validating the quality of data contributions. It takes about 2 hours to get set up.

Find a DLP on discord and follow their instructions to get started. You can run a validator for one or many DLPs, as long as you meet their staking requirements.
Find a DLP looking for validators
Submit Test Data
Submit test data in under 5 minutes to see how your crypto wallet can permission your data and to plant your flag as an early user.

Choose a DLP, submit test data, and watch the network in action. Save real data for Vana mainnet.
Find a DLP to test
Run a Propagator
Roll up and write data transactions on the Testnet to earn rewards.

Running a propagator requires a high staking minimum and is designed for highly involved contributors to the network. In the meantime, we encourage you to get started as a DLP creator, validator, or data contributor.
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